Monday, September 1, 2008

The last objective

As joy is unconfined and the Luftberg capital city of Blinzeln celebrates with a round of fireworks displays, it looks like the campaign is all but over. There are about 2 months left of campaigning time before each side can safely retire to barracks and the diplomats can negotiate through the winter. The Elector von Luftberg has twice defeated the Aschenbach army in a pitched battle, and so depleted it that he can rove at will through the province – except at one key point.

The fortified city of Flussburg is still held by the Aschenbach forces, and the remainder of the field army that straggled off the field at Althirschburg and fled back there to regroup. If he can snag it in a siege, he’ll have a powerful bargaining chip to trade in the upcoming negotiations. Basically, this is his chance to turn a major victory into a decisive one.

Previously, siege works have been handled by the M&R campaign rules, which basically just mean rolling a dice each turn and gradually building up a modifier over time. No longer though, in the world of König und Kaiser. I have plans for the next little siege being a bit more in-depth, as you’ll see over the next few postings.


A J said...

We see a number of pitched battle reports but very few on seiges. I'm looking forward to what you'll come up with.

Capt Bill said...

Take to the shovel, on with the seige!

old-tidders said...

The siege should be interesting

-- Allan