Friday, April 3, 2009

Holidays and Delays

The other day I was all set to finally play the long-anticipated (on this blog, anyway) roadside skirmish.  My other half was off out for the evening; oncoming summer meant it was warm, so I could set up in the loft without hypothermia; I had the number of rebased figures; I set up the terrain - in fact, I was totally ready...  Until I checked the camera batteries!  Both flat, and so I was unable to take any photos.  As that sort of thing would have me lynched (and quite rightly, too) I decided to postpone until I was back with fully-charged batteries.  

In the meantime, starting this weekend, I'm off for a four-day trip to Dublin!  I've never been to Ireland before, so it should be a nice little holiday.  I can however predict one certain contact with the 18th Century during my break - the 1759 date on the Guinness logo!


A J said...

Digital cameras are awful power-hogs. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of the engagement. In the meantime, enjoy your trip to Dublin! =)

littlejohn said...

Tap a Guinness for me!...being stuck here in the states, I envy you!