Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Taurenwald, Part 1

The Peaceful camp of neat, white tents along the roadside - and then, in the pre-dawn darkness, the Luftberg army attacks in two columns from the south!

General Felix Von Hentsch oversees the right column, which hits the village of Taurenwald and scatters the unprepared defenders. The Aschenbach army raises the alarm and rushes to form it's ranks.

The scant regiments of infantry available form a line and rush back in a daring counterattack, retaking the village before the Luftberg line can advance. Outflanked by cavalry and Croats in the woods, can they hold it?

The left column, led by General Tobias Ludwig, shakes itself out into line, but is rapidly halted. The Aschenbach general Zaub has responded quickly, forming three regiments and rushing them forward obliquely to protect the disorganised camps.

It looks good, as the Luftberg line retreats slightly and reforms - but those Croats in the centre and the cavalry on the flank are a risk. Especially when the Aschenbach line's own hussars are ridden down by their heavier and more numerous enemies.


abdul666 said...

Dashing -and so clearly, pleasantly presented!

Unknown said...

The game's afoot, and all's to hazard! I'm looking forward to more battle reports.

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice report.
The only picture that expands when I click on it is the forst one. Is that on purpose? (just hoping to see more detail)

Frankfurter said...

Reminds me of Shiloh ...
Is there a major general somewhere riding hell for leather to his unit from his mistress's house?

CWT said...

Hi everyone!

The cleaner style is down to me using the 'Table Top Battles' ruleset, which uses a gridded board. Bob Cordery at Wargaming Miscellany used it, and is developing similar ones of his own - worth a look!

Fitz - I'm not sure about the photos, as I've never understood how it works. Whether they expand or not is, sadly, down to random chance!

Frankfurter - the involvement of mistresses in the battle is 'unknown to the author', but (let's face it) likely to be high! :-)

Fitz-Badger said...

Yeah, I've not been able to figure out why sometimes pictures come in "expandable" and sometimes not. I have copied and pasted code in the post editor to make individual pictures work for some of my own posts, but it's a little tricky so if you're not comfortable with doing that I would just let sleeping dogs lie.