Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have recently received a small order I placed with 'Koenig Krieg' for something that Black Powder makes necessary - a set of casualty markers! They are lead bases, triangular in shape, with recessed numbers at each corners (perfect for BP) and a fallen figure in the middle.

I painted up a set yesterday evening and thought I'd post the results. Most BP units become 'shaken'with three hits, so these markers will remove the need for placing dice next to regiments to denote hits (which was my previous method - effective, but annoying on photos!)

I simply painted them generically for about five Aschenbach and seven Luftberg infantry. Overall the casting seems okay, although some of the arms looked a little 'elongated' compared to the body. And the set had only one pose, face-down. I believe Old Glory do a good set of 15mm casualties, but I gave up ordering them thanks to one of the most user-unfriendly webpages I've ever come across! If you feel like getting some, then I would recommend Koenig Krieg or (if you feel patient) Old Glory 15mm. The last photo, below, is the best close-up I could get. I intend to flock the bases to make them more 'grassy' but I'm quite happy with the full set being painted and effectively ready in a single day!


Archduke Piccolo said...

Quite an attractive idea if you're not into figure removal (though, personally, I am). Beats using counters or caps or what not.

Chris said...

Really nice -- having the small inconspicuous numbers on the marker looks effective and should have no ill aesthetic effects. I like 'em!

CWT said...

The markers are pretty nice - numbers are visible but not intrusive, and it all fits nicely. Pity that they appear so dark-green in the photos at present, compared to the table throw. Still, once I've glued flock to them, I should be fine! (Yet another thing for the 'to do' pile...)