Friday, August 6, 2010

Up-and-coming Fight

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post - my long-held objective is complete! And now, with perfect timing, the Muckenmire campaign has thrown up an interesting (and large) battle.

Winter approaches, so both sides are largely clearing up the province by engaging in the time-consuming and static pursuits of siegecraft. Von Krumper is now camped outside Veldhuizburg, Von Zaub is away investing the large and isolated city of Oosterheide, and Von Hartling - well, it's not going so well. After entering the province and sweeping a few towns away from the enemy, the dire autumn weather forced a halt and consolidation, building a depot to let him move deeper into enemy territory. Upon completion, he crossed the river Konigveldt and approached the garrisoned town of Vincken for a siege. Sadly for him, there was a late-freeze in November that restored full-speed movement in the province before the serious winter snows set in. With the roads passable, no less a force than the Elector Von Luftberg's army itself (newly arrived in the province and looking for trouble) began approaching fast.

Keeping up the siege was impossible, and hasty withdrawal to the Konigveldt river the only option. However, Von Hartling wasn't about to give up without a fight. The road back to the river is one of 20 miles, but two-thirds of the way back the road is hemmed in - by woods and the river to the north-west, and swampland to the south-east. At this bottleneck, the outnumbered Aschenbach army can make a stand and hopefully bloody the noses of the Elector's men.

Forces are as follows below. The Aschenbach army has every advantage of terrain and position, but is heavily outnumbered: parity in artillery, but facing odds of two-to-one in Infantry and three-to-one in Cavalry.

Aschenbach - Von Hartling commanding
IR4 Von Hoffman Infantry Regiment
IR7 Von Dunckel Infantry Regiment
FR8 Von Grappel Fusilier Regiment (one battalion late-deploying)
DR1 Von Fleiger Dragoon Regiment
#2 Artillery battery
Rudimentary fieldworks

Luftberg - Von Luftberg commanding
Pilsen Grenadier Regiment
IR2 Doppler Infantry Regiment
IR5 Von Trapp Infantry Regiment
IR7 Von Stiegl Infantry Regiment
IR9 Bartok Hungarian Infantry Regiment
KR3 Klimt Kurassier Regiment
DR2 Krauss Dragoon Regiment
HR2 Schiele Hussar Regiment
#1 Artillery Battery
Siege Train (not on field)
Pontoons (not on field)


Pjotr said...

Congratulations on completing your armies. Although, is there such a thing as a complete army?
Looking forward to your first battle report.
In the mean time, I became a follower...


A J said...

An interesting situation. No army likes to fight with a river at its back. I'm looking forward to the battle reports.