Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hochkirch Re-fight Pics

Scandalous neglect! Sadly much real-life activity plus a total lack of opportunity has kept me from playing any games for a while, but I did recently manage to squeeze a half-sized battle onto my dining table, to re-fight the battle of Hochkirch. I won't give a large or detailed description, but shall post a few snaps I managed to take. The battle proved to be a real knockabout affair, and almost all the action took place in a 2ft x 2ft area on the Prussian flank, where the Austrian columns hit. Had I known, I would've simply written off a large portion of the field and scaled-up the area of interest, but there you go - you live and learn!

The full battlefield - Prussians deployed facing to the right, while the Austrians appear at the bottom of the table.

The Austrian attack columns

The Austrian attack columns - as seen from above

The Austrians attack the Prussian line around Hochkirch village.

The Prussians held them in a hot fight for a while, but the Austrians turned both flanks and steadily overwhelmed them by superior numbers.

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Capt Bill said...

Great paintings of the battle! Wish I had been there to see the whole affair...