Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The League of Strathia

What with all the talk of vast new campaigns, new army collections, etc. it's actually been some time since some games were published here! As I realised this with a start, I decided to get something quick and simple done and issued asap, rather than saving away and leaving huge gaps where nothing was really happening. So: here is my new 'quick' DBA-style campaign, between some local rivals.

Allow me to introduce four minor countries, huddled together in a minor enclave off the Baltic coast. Going clockwise, there is the Freistadt of Buvalia, a mercantile state sitting at the mouth of the River Mannow; there is Sarvania, the large and landlocked country to the southeast; next is the dominant local power, the Duchy of Strathia; last, the coastal and rugged Duchy of Meldenia.

This group of countries used to be under Strathia's control in the 'League of Strathia.' However, the greedy Duke Franz Von Halburg has taken a bit too much from them all, for a bit too long. The states have united, and declared war on Strathia to end the League. Can the Duke maintain Strathia's control? Will the rebelling alliance hold together long enough to secure victory? And if so, which of the three will emerge as the new dominant regional power?


abdul666 said...

So promising! Sounds like C. Grant's presentation of Lorraine and the VFS in 'The War Game'.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I like your map, sir. Please let us know how things develop.

-- Jeff

CWT said...

Hi, Abdul666 & Bluebear Jeff!

Thanks for the comments! I intend to fight a quick and speedy campaign to prevent bogging-down, so wish me luck! The map was made by following the method from Tony Bath's 'Setting Up a Wargames Campaign' amd then converting it into node-to-node form as per DBA.

DCAja said...

amazing post!