Sunday, January 18, 2009

Appeal for advice!

I've recently been mooching about in these post-credit crunch days etc etc, thinking about how to get some money for figures plus free up some space amongst the debris of many years' wargaming. So, eventually I hit on the right idea - sell the old unused stuff, then use the money to fund the current projects! Only problem, I've not really done any buying or selling second-hand painted figures. I know eBay will do it, but is there any other way to sell large batches of figures out there I don't know about?

If anyone out there in internet-land can offer some advice, it'd be much appreciated!


Frankfurter said...

First, catalogue the collections by period, scale, and if possible, manufacturer.
Then list the catalogue on wargaming groups on ... for instance, there is a forum, surplus wargame or similar title exactly for what you're trying to do ...targeting groups such as Lace Wars with WAS and 7YW lists is quite effective.
Then, take good photos of each sub group.
With the photos in hand, and the surplusage of unsold figures in hand, go on to Ebay ....
And some cheap shyster like me will try to get the figures for pennies! LOL

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

I've had that same nagging feeling about parting with my 15mm Napoleonics, which have less and less appeal to me as time goes by.

Best Regards,


littlejohn said...

Posting a notice on "The Miniatures Page" works well if you put something up on ebay. It gets tons of traffic and you can post on a page targeted for the period you want to sell. I've found that selling collections to be really great for getting some funds to start other periods or scales. My blog and hobby is essentially "powered" by Ebay sales! Though Ebay is a bit slower these days...its almost a certainty that you can sell decently painted figures eventually.Gamers have to have their fix regardless of the economy ;)

Bluebear Jeff said...

You might want to wait a tad before posting them for sale.


Because folks are still paying off their Christmas bills. But don't wait too long or you're looking at people worried about tax time . . . either that or wait for late Spring/early Summer when people have their tax refunds safely back.

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

For venues to sell them, I know of a few different ones.

Surplus Wargaming Yahoo Group:

Barter Town:

The Miniatures Page has a Marketplace if you're a supporting member.

Wargamer's Market is an ebay alternative, but still sparsely populated.

And of course, a number of wargaming groups don't mind members of the group listing what they have for sale as long as they conduct all business via off-group emails.

A J said...

I'm in much the same position in having to shed surplus figures, although in my case I'm emigrating soon.

Having my own reasons for not trusting PayPal and eBay, I'm looking for bring & buy sales at the wargames conventions to sell my surplus. There's one at the York convention Feb 1st. I hope to offload a number of ACW and WW2 lots there.