Friday, July 31, 2009

The Pre-Holiday Works

Ta Daa! Here, you see the bulk of the completed brush-work. Obviously I was more stressed pre-wedding than I realised, as I managed to burn through pretty much the entire remainder of the Luftberg Infantry! Roughly, there's enough above for around four or five bases, using my current basing system of 12-figures per base.
Here's a pair of close-up views of some of them, arranged so you can see the back and front. I carried out all the painting to a structured plan, which I've detailed on one of my previous blog postings. It seemed to help, as I had all the stages written down on a big table and doggedly ticked off each completed section as I went ("Hats, done... Cartridge boxes, done..." etc.) It helped me see progress, which is definitely needed after a major session when you've just had to knuckle down and paint about 100 black gaiters - sadly there seems no way of avoiding at least 2 or 3 seriously dull 'plods' of this sort!
And here's an extremely-extreme-close-up. I stuck to the 2-foot rule, eliminating all detail that's not visible beyond this. Plus, the figures have still to be 'dipped' and this will greatly help with picking out details, etc. So, why haven't I dipped them yet? Well, I've not entirely finished all the infantry yet - I've just killed off the bulk of it. Here's what's still to do:
At the top you'll see my Grenadiers, who were left aside in the drive to get Line Infantry out the way. Below them, the red fellows are my skirmishers. I recently became siezed with the urge to paint them as Croat Grenzers, with a wildly impractical uniform of bright red. This means I'll actually have to destroy one of my new bases, as I've stuck the existing three down and they're painted in their 'old' uniform of a practical grey, which will never do! I'll only have my light troops sneaking silently through the woods and rocks while dressed in the most outrageously dandy-ish manner! These cut-throat fops can just count themselves lucky that neon hasn't been invented yet!
LAst of all, we have the deeply unglamorous stuff: a mass of horses, which I find the most irritatingly dull thing to paint; mounted officers, of which I seem to have loads; and the tail-end-charlies of the Line Infantry, the stray figures who came unstuck from my painting sticks and will have to be buffed up individually.
Fingers crossed for the weekend!


Fitz-Badger said...

It's funny, I've heard several people say they aren't fond of painting horses. I don't mind them at all. For myself I find artillery pieces the most tedious things to paint.

Anyway, looking good so far. Just shows what you can you have a plan! (unlike me! lol)

CWT said...

Ta, Fitz-Badger. I've never been one to obsess over the painting, largely seeing it as the annoying bit that needs done before anything fun happens! Still, having a plan seems to ease the pain(t)!