Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I hope everyone's weekend went well - I had lots to do, but thankfully I also managed to squeak in a little bit of painting. In a refreshing change I also took some figures up to the finished stage in one go - my grenadiers!

Luftberg's regiment of Pilsen Grenadiers have grown from the eight originals (based to the old system, on the left of the photo) to twenty-four frosty-eyed killers, fit to maul any battlefield. The uniform is just based on the first paint-effort I did years ago on my originals, which combines the two usual facings-colours of the army - red on the collar, blue on the coat-tails & cuffs. It's not based on anything historical, but just came about because I liked it. The figures are Essex Miniatures' Hungarian Grenadiers, as I thought that would add a touch of Mittel-Europa swagger to the figures!

Oh, and you may have noticed something else: no command group, with flags and drums! There was a reason for this, as when I ordered my figures initially I decided against getting any commanders. I had some vague notions the Pilsen Grenadiers would be a 'Combined Grenadier' regiment, assembled from the detatched grenadier companies in the other regiments, in the typical style of the age. As such, I wanted to give them less of a 'finished' look with their officers, colours, etc. Purely personal inclination, of course, and it hasn't translated into paint-schemes or anything complex - I just like 'em!

Coming up next on the painting table, some strips of base-wood which I'm planning to paint up as river and road sections. My terrain is growing with my army!


Bluebear Jeff said...

My plan for my grenadiers is two-fold.

First the grenadier guards will be a permanent unit with it's own regimental colour (as well as the "national colour" -- thus two flags).

All of my other grenadier units will be "converged" and whose elements will vary depending upon what units are in the brigade. It will have only one flag on it's small "command stand" -- the national colour -- since it will always be an "ad hoc" unit.

That's my plan anyway . . . but as you have just demonstrated, plans may change.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

Handsome lads those grenadiers!

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice work! Splendid fellows!
Looking forward to seeing your roads and rivers, too.

Sounds like a good plan, Jeff.

CWT said...

I just like the whole 'personalizing' thing which assembling an army allows, and thought I should put something more distinct together - especially for a 'showcase' unit. As Jeff shows, I'm not the only one to have such plans!

I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out - although I've just realised I've not painted on their rakish, curly moustaches - damn!


Frankfurter said...

Not having to trouble TOO much with historical considerations (one, I can't paint that well anyway, so anything I did would be an aproximation to start with! LOL, and two: I really like "imagi-nations" as a basic concept and love to use colors that folks at the time would have mutinied if issued!)
So I really admire folks who go to such lengths ... their research and their dedication transcends mine as much as their painting skills do!
Anyway, my point is that I try to give every little battalion a flag ... simply so my blind eyes can locate the buggers!