Monday, June 9, 2008

The Aschenbach Army

After all the basing and shuffling, here’s the summarised OoB for the Kingdom of Aschenbach’s forces. As with the personalities in the last post, I’ve added some names to regiments and, on a roll of a six, have assigned a significant personality to the regiment. This should give some talented minor nobility a chance to flourish through brave deeds on the field, and (if they’re lucky,) maybe even marry off into a major noble house to inherit some lands.

Infanterie Regimenter
Grenadier Regiment v. Schott (the ‘Hirschburgers’)
IR v. Zaub (No. 1) - Fuss-Garde
IR v. Klink (No. 2)
IR v. Grumble (No. 3)
IR v. Hoffmann (No. 4) – Jagerinfanterie

Kurassier Regimenter
KR v. Schnitzel (No. 1)
KR v. Kurbitz (No. 2)

Dragoner Regimenter
DR v. Fleiger (No. 1)
DR v. Flunck (No. 2)

Husaren Regimenter
HR v. Ritter (No. 1)

Feld-Artillerie Battery No. 1
Feld-Artillerie Battery No. 2

And the result – not a single notable character to start with! Oh well, perhaps it’s better to start simple. Most characters are invented, but the command of the prestigious Foot Guards was given to that block of wood, The Graf Hans v. Zaub, on grounds of aristocratic string-pulling. The more formidable Graf Erich v. Kleintrink will be an army wing commander, so isn’t on any regimental list at present. Similarly, the artillery have no aristocratic leaders, on account of them being unimaginative plodders in the eyes of all.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

This kind of stuff is always so interesting -- particularly with imaginary forces. I'm not sure you mentioned it, but what brand(s)/sizes of figures are you using for your armies? I like them very much.

Best Regards,


tradgardmastare said...

I would be interested to hear more about your rule tweaks and basing system. Keep up the good work...

CWT said...


I have had a quick rummage in the loft, and discovered the miniatures catalogue (I got them a few years ago). They are Essex Miniatures figures from their 15mm SYW range, which are quite good too.

In the DBA style, they are based on 40mm wide frontages (per 3 or 4 figures) with depths of 20mm for infantry, 30mm for cavalry, and 40mm (ie, square) for artillery. Details on rules to follow!