Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A slight change of plans...

Dear god, No! I knew I shouldn’t have gone in for all this internet business!

After years away, the amount of info out there on blogs and web-pages about collecting figures and painting them has boomed. When I started this project, I began reading them. I liked the painting comments, the regiments growing and forming, the agonies over basing them – It was just a question of time until I cracked. And now, I have. Following a day of browsing and reading up on reviews, I made two discoveries. The first was the excellent Baccus range of 6mm figures for the Seven Years’ War, which was a long way cheaper than the last ranges I had looked at (many years ago, though). Armed with my new knowledge of painting guides for 6mm, it proved impossible to resist treating myself.

Second discovery was the strong recommendations of a rules set for the SYW period, called Might and Reason. Maybe this is notorious to all others reading this, but something of a new discovery for me. A selection of figures and a rulebook are now in the post.

So, how does this fit in with the Aschenbach/Luftberg world? Well, Quite easily, I’d guess. I’m still keeping the armies I’ve currently got in 15mm and intend to primarily game with them in my own rules system. The new 6mm 'project' will let me enliven the blog with the odd historical re-enactment and give me the option to translate the states to a different scale if things expand in the future.

My impressions on the figures and rules will follow, for the interest of anybody like me that is a soft touch for rule sets and has even caught themselves in weaker moments (I can’t believe I’m admitting this) browsing a rulebook as light leisure reading.


A J said...

I can understand your point. It's not unheard of for me to browse through a rule book for light reading, either. There's always some point which takes on a new light with a re-read.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I've not purchased the "Might and Reason" rules (primarily because I have my own), but I have had some samples of the Bacchus figures . . . and they are very impressive, but too small for my old eyes.

Good luck with your project. The rules and figures that you choose are not nearly as important as having fun with them is. Enjoy!

-- Jeff

tradgardmastare said...

I look forward to hearing your impressions. I also have Baccus samples but have not proceeded for the same reasons as Jeff
best wishes

Bluebear Jeff said...

Alan, I do have the excuse that I turn 60 tomorrow (June 19) and my eyes really ARE old ones.

If I had better vision though I would think about the Baccus figs would work well if in reasonable numbers.

I too look forward with anticipation toward the completion of this project.

-- Jeff