Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Luftberg Army Part 1 - Infantry & Artillery

So, what about that mass of white-coated fellows on the opposite hill? Time to take a look at the Luftberg Army. Being Austrian in tone, I’ve settled on their basic flag, but swapped the Hapsburg eagle for something more generally heraldic. Works just as well, I think.

My photography up in the loft only got so far before the batteries ran out (a mundane reason I know, but there you go) so this post will cover the Infantry and the Artillery only. Below is a pair of snaps showing a single Infantry regiment of the Luftberg army, plus a rather good-looking pic of a group of infantry regiments. It should technically be a brigade or so, but it probably represents most of the Luftberg Army’s Infantry strength.

When all the 15mm figures are considered and formed up, there are a few more Luftberg regiments than Aschenbach ones. This is down to the old rules set (HFG) that I used, which meant the high-quality Prussians were always more expensive and scarce than the Austrians. Translated to here, the Luftberg army boasts eight infantry regiments. One is a Guards regiment, five are Line infantry, and two are skirmisher or Croat regiments. When the two full armies square up, this means the Luftberg army has a 3:2 superiority in formed infantry and a 2:1 advantage in skirmishers. Pretty decent, although the Aschenbach army features more Guards-quality troops to offset the mass of it’s rival.

Here is a picture of the finest output from the Luftberg Universtadt der Feldartillerie – like Aschenbach, the army boasts two batteries of cannon to mow down it’s opponents.

Cavalry will follow on once I get the camera recharged and find a free moment. I’m eager to get on, as I’ve detailed the armies and characters about as far as they can be without actually sitting down and playing the game at some point! I promise, at some point soon the states of Aschenbach and Luftberg will exchange more than condescending sneers.

(P.S. - After doing the above, I've just worked out how to do close-up shots with my camera! Picture quality is set to improve from here onwards, thankfully!)


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Well, I'm eagerly awaiting additional close-ups of your armies. I could gaze lovingly at nicely painted figures for hours! Your flag is a nice touch too. How did you actually go about creating it?

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

I'm with Stokes on that! :-)

CWT said...

Hi Stokes/Fitz,

I made the flag by doing a Google Images search for a basic Austrian flag, then searched around to obtain a generic 'heraldic eagle'. Once saved, I opened them up with Microsoft Paint, grafted them together and tailored them to make a passable and original version.

My 6mm Prussians have arrived and I've just taken some good photos of the painting in progress, so I'll post them shortly!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Good. "In progress" pictures are always of interest as well.

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

I love your flag so much I've stolen it for several of my units. I salute for your talent!
Best regards,