Saturday, July 19, 2008

Aschenbach Army OoB

So, how do the new and expanded armies shape up? Well, I’ve expanded the lists of each and will supply them below. Cavalry units are pretty much fixed as before, as the M&R points allow only so much to be spent on them. Infantry have undergone a bit of an expansion however, and I’ve been compelled to ditch my 16-man regiments in favour of 8-man formations. I’m not particularly happy with that, but I figure it’ll only be needed if every unit appears on a tabletop at once. With smaller battles, I’ll scale back to the preferred 16-man units.

Anyway, here’s the expanded Aschenbach OoB:

Infanterie Regimenter
Grenadiers v. Schott (‘The Hirschburgers’)
IR 1 v. Zaub Fuss-Garde
IR 2 v. Klink
IR 3 v. Grumble
IR 4 v. Hoffmann
IR 5 v. Moglich
IR 6 v. Rechnung
IR 7 v. Dunkel
IR 8 v. Grappel

Kurassier Regimenter
KR 1 v. Schnitzel
KR 2 v. Kurbitz

Dragoner Regimenter
DR 1 v. Fleiger
DR 2 v. Flunck

Husaren Regimenter
HR 1 v. Ritter

Feld-Artillerie #1
Feld-Artillerie #2
Feld-Artillerie #3

It’s pretty close to the old one, but there have been a few changes. IR 4 (Hoffmann) has been changed to a formed regular line infantry regiment, as opposed to the skirmishers of before. The newly-raised IR’s 5 to 7 are also line musketeers, but IR 8 (Grappel) is a Fusilier regiment. Cavalry is unaltered, while the artillery has been expanded to take on a third battery (as I had some spare cannons).

Officers in charge of this are listed below. To explain the system used by M&R, officers marked ‘*’ are exceptional (meaning they can act more independently) while ‘V’ means they are valorous (inspirational to troops). The number modifier represents ability, the higher the better.

Feldmarschall Prinzregent G. v. Krumper (Good Commander)

General Graf Erich v. Kleintrink (* +1 V)

General Bunzel (+1)

General Kress (* +1)

General Grenwitz (* +2)

General v. Zaub (* -1 V)

Wait a minute! What’s General Von Zaub doing at the end? Well, after his performance at Neukatzberg (and in my capacity as the Regent Von Krumper) I’ve promoted him. I also decided that if the coming war is over his family’s lands, giving him a command helps tie his family more to Aschenbach, which is probably a wise move (ah, these dynastic appointments...) IR 1 will usually be noted as the Foot Guards, but to save confusing renaming it will still be technically v. Zaub’s regiment – he’ll just be an absent honorific regimental chef. The other three generals are randomly generated, as per the M&R system.


Fitz-Badger said...

Looks good to me. Do you have uniforms/colors/flags and such worked out?

CWT said...

At present, no I don't - beyond a generic uniform for each side. However, as I've now managed to organise and paint the full armies (and even applied name labels!) I can at last begin adding uniform quirks.

I plan to do it to each regiment as they stand out in a battle, so the glamorous ones like grenadiers and cuirassiers are likely to be first.