Monday, July 21, 2008

Luftberg Army OoB

And now, the Luftberg army list. I don’t think I ever posted the initial OoB, as I didn’t have photos to post on the cavalry and so got held up/distracted, etc. Anyway, here is the full run-down:

Infanterie Regimenter
Grenadiers ('Pilsen' Grenadiers)
IR 1 Radetzky
IR 2 Doppler
IR 3 O'Brien
IR 4 Negrelli
IR 5 v. Trapp
IR 6 Karlovic (Croats)
IR 7 v. Stiegl
IR 8 Schrammel
IR 9 Bartok
IR 10 Hohenwerfen
IR 11 Steinkopf

Kurassier Regimenter
KR 1 Haas
KR 2 Schrodinger
KR 3 Klimt

Dragoner Regimenter
DR 1 Raab
DR 2 Krauss
DR 3 Hortenburg

Husaren Regimenter
HR 1 Rotwang
HR 2 Schiele

Feld-artillerie #1
Feld-artillerie #2
Feld-artillerie #3

As with the Aschenbach army, the artillery has been expanded to three batteries, cavalry is largely unaltered, but infantry has been expanded. IR 6 (Karlovic) is a Croat regiment of irregulars, but all others are regular line infantry regiments. Generals are:

Faldmarschall Konig Ulrich Von Luftberg (Average General)

General Conrad von Hentsch (* +1)

General La Spezia (+0)

General Figling (-1 V)

General Van der Dijk (+1)

General Kohl (+0)

General Frundsberg (* +0)

General Steinkopf (-2)

As you can see, they’re a generally poorer bunch than the more professional Aschenbach commanders, but that’s what happens when you recruit officers from a roving band of cosmopolitan adventurers. General Steinkopf, in particular, appears to be all but catatonic.

Overall, the Luftberg army has parity to it’s rival in guns, a 3:2 superiority in Cavalry, a slight edge in regular infantry, and a big strategic advantage in terms of irregular warfare (scouting, raids, etc.)

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Capt Bill said...

Excellent organization. I know you'll enjoy the campaign, they always add unexpected opportunities for unit glory and personality development. Don't forget to take plenty of pictures. Best regards...Bill