Monday, February 9, 2009

More troops

More men are now available for the new basing system, as my existing stocks get plundered and converted. At this rate, I'll no longer be able to pull units out of nowhere and I'll have to actually paint again!
Finally, I have based the two 'comparison' regiments, which are on show above. Foreground is the regiment which was painted entirely with the speedier 'dip' method, and as you can see it looks fine - just like the existing regiments, until you squint in extreme close-up. Behind it is the Hungarian regiment (IR9 Bartok) whose models carry their muskets vertically - as my Aschenbach figures do. As a result of this, they look ever so slightly spread out compared to my Luftberg troops who present their muskets forward.
Some more cavalry, this time featuring some command stands for Cuirassiers and Dragoons. I've tried to avoid basing any more Luftberg infantry, as it dawned on me I'd forgotten to repaint their legs. My existing models all had white gaiters, and I recently noticed that black was more common (and also looked better!) All regimental recruitment is on hold for want of mounted officers and black legs!
Finally though, here's the first of the rival faction - the first Aschenbach units. One base of Cuirassiers (which includes one trooper who inexplicably doesn't have white edging on his tricorne;) one base of the fearsome grenadiers, and two of infantry. From lessons learned on the Hungarian infantry above, I based the two ranks of Aschenbachers slightly tighter together on the base, so they still look properly 'formed up' in the desired shoulder-to-shoulder mass.
And that, basically, is it. I have sent away a tiny order for the remaining batch of required MDF bases, which should arrive in the week ahead (snow permitting.) After this heady rush of progress, I'm going to have to start painting once again. Mind you, in the early days it won't be 12 figures required for a base, as small-change leftovers from the existing bases will fill some/most of the slots and make it a bit easier.


Capt Bill said...

Your new system looks great! Thanks for sharing...Bill

old-tidders said...

Like the larger units,

-- Allan

Fitz-Badger said...

There is definitely something to be said for multi-figure bases. Looking very smart! (just wish we could see bigger pictures ;-) my eyes aren't as young as they used to be)

CWT said...

Sorry Fitz - once again, the old photo size problem returns! I think it's just random chance how this blog decides it feels like displaying them! :-(