Friday, February 6, 2009

Photos of the New Model Army

Hello everyone, and here are the promised photos! I took them last night, but pesky requirements delayed my posting them. Why does real life always get in the way? Anyway, here's the result of rebasing my existing figures.

Here's a first - new basing system cavalry! Some dragoons on the left, while the right shows some Hussars. The Dragoon base of 5-figures in a line is the regular cavalry standard, but the Hussars are only 4 irregularly spaced figures, to reflect their more free-and-easy style.

Here's the big boys - Cuirassiers. This is how a regular unit will look in Might & Reason, 2 bases or 10 figures. The final article will feature a command group though, with an officer, guidon, & musician.

Irregular infantry! I'm pondering repainting these, but I've rebased them anyway due to the dispersed way they sit on the base (it still allows brush-sized access.) Only one new base is possible from existing figures, as I'm going for 6 figures a base and that uses all the existing ones.

Artillery! I've not totally refinished flocking the base, as the cut edge of the old card base is still visible. The artillery base is 60mm x 40mm rather than the typical 60mm x 30mm, as this proved too much of a squeeze for the crews. I made the base myself by cutting a section of modelling (non-balsa) wood. It surled up alarmingly when I put the glue on, but thankfully it seems to be settling down to a flat base once again! In the background, you can also see some infantry rebased in the new order - no HQ stands yet though, as I need to paint up mounted officers.

Here's a view of what my rebased old figures have so far yielded. By the time I base my two new regiments as well (they're currently on the workbench) that'll give me 5 Infantry regiments. Certainly it's the nucleus of a reborn Luftberg army, and a nice little fighting force in it's own right. The good new is that with many more painted figures still to rebase, prospects for rapid growth look good!


Capt Bill said...

Very nicely done. Glad to see you were able to allow us to blow the photos up to see more detail. Are these old glory 15'S. Best regards...Bill

Bluebear Jeff said...

An excellent nucleus for your army.

-- Jeff

Prinz Geoffrey said...

looking good

Fitz-Badger said...

I agree, nice work! Thanks for the pics!