Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rebasing Bases (Photos tbc...)

Hm, it seems from comments on the last post that some photos are being hotly anticipated! Well, before a howling mob appears outside my home lobbing bricks through the windows, I'd best put some on. Sadly, it'll need to wait until the afternoon today for an update. You see, my usual blogging routine is to stumble out of bed in the morning and read/write while slumped in my dressing gown. Taking photos requires a trip into the loft, and with snow on the ground outside and no insulation, it'd be madness! I'll go later though, once I'm back from the office and more heavily-clad.

Snickering Corpses managed to hit the nail right on the head with his comment, where he suggested building up each army simultaneously & fighting smaller actions as I work back to full strength. He is of course quite right, and I've been spending many of my evenings with a spreadsheet calculating how to bring the greatest number of units up to 'mobilisation' standard for the most economic outlay of cash. I could just buy the stuff, but I sadly find the endless regimental planning to be entertaining in itself.

I've managed to break up some of my existing DBA bases, and it was traumatic stuff in some strange way. All the nostalgic memories! Here were some dragoons that once wrecked an enemy flank - snap! These were the grenadiers that stormed an enemy strongpoint - rip! Has anyone else built up a strange emotional link to some of their figures? Oh well, at least they're re-appearing soon into my new units. So far I have rebased from existing:

Infantry base (x2)
Cuirassier base (x2)
Dragoon base
Hussar base
Croats base
Artillery base

Combined with the 2 originally based regiments of infantry (4xbases) plus the two now painted and needing mounted (4x bases) that means a total of 11 Infantry, 4 cavalry & 1 Artillery bases done. Perfect for a small Luftberg nucleus! There's more to come, but that's how things stand at present.

The general to-do list, in no particular order is:
a) Get more 60x30mm MDF bases (or make them, if feeling brave)
b) Optimise Aschenbach purchases to produce similar force & place order
c) Update blog links list - there are lots of regular commenters and blogs I frequently read, which deserve representing!)
d) Modernise terrain for tabletop, and increase amount of scenery (again, or make them if feeling brave.)
e) Paint some mounted officers, which will allow me to create HQ-stands of infantry.
f) Post photographs asap!!!

Ah well, back to my lair to plot...


SteveI said...

Good luck with the basing!
I justified buying the bases by working out the cost per base if bought against the cost for the mdf plus the cost (in time) for me to cut them. There was no contest ;-)

A J said...

I've never bought pre-cut bases, but having struggled to cut plasticard in a precise fashion so many times it ain't funny, I can see the appeal.

Yes, I've also got a number of figures I'm attached to. My 1970's vintage 25mm Minifigs Napoleonic Austrians may not have set the table alight with their prowess, but they've literally been through fire and flood.

Snickering Corpses said...

Glad you found the comments useful!

While I didn't really have to rebase since I was using unbased figures, it took a while for me to decide to reorganize some of my WW2 units that had performed gallantly for me into new units to fit my new chosen rules.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Looking at your list of things to do, it's easy to see how consuming the wargaming hobby is. And isn't that wonderful?

Best Regards,


Capt Bill said...

As always so much to do so little time. Fear not tread on...Bill

Fitz-Badger said...

Yep, how can one ever be bored when they have such a hobby! :-D