Sunday, March 1, 2009

Calling all Bloggers!

Hi everybody - I've a question I'm hoping somebody could help me with.  Through a busy week that's prevented me from doing much more than ponder ideas in quiet moments, I've got a search on my hands.  In doing up my armies, I need to also do up some of my officers.  These were previously made up from a mixed bag of officer figures, but were a bit haphazard and make-do.  Now I'm reworking the army, I should buy some new ones, and the blog's reliance on characters means I should really have some 'characterful' characters (if you see what I mean.)

What I need is some advice on where to get some individual 18th C character figures for 15mm, in order to take over generalship duties.  Does anybody know of such a range?  Most of the ones I've seen with individual figures are unfortunately ranges like Foundry, who only do 28mm models.  Any comments gratefully received!


Jim Wright said...

GFI Minfigs 15mm has several bags of general. 6 to a bog if I remember correctly.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

Yes sir, Old Glory does a pack of Generals and personnalities in its' 15mm SYW Austrian pack, as there are only 16 per package I assume they are all mounted. However, each Old Glory 15mm regiment pack comes with several command figures on foot and one on horse back, you can see my most recent 15mm old glory general on my blog a about three articles ago. You can also order individual generals from Eureka US.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I was also going to mention Minifigs. I'm not all that familiar with 15mm figures since my eyes have pretty well precluded my using such for many years.

I suspect that most any 15mm SYW manufacturer will have some. I know that I had some from Frontier way back in the day (but I'm not sure that they're still around in 15mm).

Why don't you ask at the Koenig Kreig website since they're primarily a 15mm set of rules? They have a forum:

-- Jeff