Thursday, March 12, 2009

Position Filled

After looking over the responses to last week's job advertisement, I've decided to accept a Tradgardlander. The Duke of Tradgardland's great-nephew, the Lt Tobias Ludwig, will be accepted as a transfer to the Luftberg army where he will receive a field promotion to higher command upon arrival. The official acceptance letter will be dispatched to Tradgardland via EvE shortly.

Many thanks to all who offered, which was greatly appreciated, but in the end I felt best on accepting from somebody just down the road from me, rather than compel other kindly folk from having to post figures internationally! And, of course, thanks in advance to Tradgardmastare for aid in enriching the fictional background.


Prinz Geoffrey said...

Congrats to the Duke's great nephew very prestigous post. Look forward to reading of his adventures.

A J said...

Congratulations to young Tobias on his commission. I hope he'll have a long and successful career.