Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Progress to the field

Things have been progressing, albeit slowly. The real world has intervened, and I've spent the last few days on a DIY project - specifically, wedged into the cupboard under the kitchen sink while fitting a new one, like some magician's assistant. Now it's done, but my arms and back ache! Anyway...

Scenario - check. Commanders - check. Campaign map - check. Forces - tbc. Before I get down to basing and painting whatever extra figures are needed, about all I can do is sort the battlefield.

What with the long road crossing four 4ft x 4ft battlefields, I decided to give Aschenbach a 1-in-3 chance of appearing on each field as Luftberg passed through it, which worked out as giving Luftberg a roughly 1-in-5 chance (if my sums are right) of making it through all four maps with no contact. This seemed like a pretty decent set of odds, offering the possibility of a clean escape but making it more likely that there'd be a fight. Also, I planned to do a second roll to determine what side of the board the Aschenbach entry was from. It was always most likely to be from the south, never from the north, but possibly from the east (ie, ahead of the column and across it's path) or the west (following on in it's tail.) I varied the odds of this depending on the position, so if the attack came earlier it was more likely to be ahead of the column, and more likely to come behind if it was late.

So, Colonel Ludwig rolled the metaphorical dice for the first area, hoping not to get a 1 or a 2, and he got... 1. The Aschenbach columns duly appeared, directly south as it turned out, close in to the road where it tended southwards. A direct attack by Von Kleintrink would be straight-out head-bashing, with minimal tactical space to move. Alternatively, he could move eastwards parallel to the Luftberg column. The road curves north up ahead, giving him a chance to cut a chord across the curve of the road and block the path up ahead. More tactical, but less aggressive. What will the hard-charging Von Kleintrink choose? The gods of fortune tossed a coin... Oh well, so much for ay fancy footwork: "Attack!"


A J said...

Ouch! Not good for Luftberg. I'm looking forward to a report of the slaughter - er, encounter.

Bluebear Jeff said...

What was it that John Paul Jones said? Something like "No captain can do very wrong by laying his ship along side that of the enemy".

We shall see if this holds true on land as well.

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

has Luftberg considered hiring a good wizard to cleanse him of this curse?

Fitz-Badger said...

Simple, but effective mechanisms to keep the game from being too "pat".
Yeah, too much to hope for that Luftberg would just waltz through without incident. Still, one can't hope but that they will find a way to triumph in the end.