Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to Base-ics

Hi y'all, it's just a quick update today, as I'm taking a break from painting Aschenbach uniforms to post a quick technical update. In the last post I railed against Essex Miniatures' teeny bases, but the very effort of moaning about it made me dwell on it long enough to come up with a solution. This took about 10 seconds to figure out though, which probably means I should keep my mouth shut about complaints in future, but there you go!

Basically, a small 10mm x 10mm bit of thin card is snipped out and glued to the base, so instead of the model trying to balance on a small base, I've a small base trying to balance on the model - much easier! Now they're stable enough to stand alone, and I can also glue them directly onto their large MDF 60mm x 30mm final bases much easier, and without all the colour-bearers experiencing a strange height-gain next to all their fellows!

Painting continues, and with a bit of luck, I may soon be at least able to field a DBA-sized force from the finished bases. Better than nothing!


Jim Wright said...

Hi Craig,

Just wanted you to know someone is following your 18th century effort with interest.

I am considering the same thing although I lean more toward the early 1700s.

I am especially interested in your battle reports and comments on the rules used. Like you I am DBA fan and have several variants for musket warfare from the Fanaticus site. I also have Might and Reason and am considering it too. Of course there are homemade rules simmering in the background. Always!

Your choice of Essex figures is right down my alley also. Bought lots of them for "ancients" armies. Never had any for gunpowder armies though. So I really appreciate your comments and pictures.

Your basing also hits the right spot, lending "weight" to the unit.

Keep up the good work.


CWT said...

Hello Jim, good to hear from you - comments are always appreciated!

I have a few reports here, and even a DBA-style battle (check January '09 for the battle of Passditz.) Hope you enjoy them!

I've not had too many battle reports recently, thanks to this damn rebasing saga of mine (so much trouble, but SO worth it!)

Hopefully I'll have some more soon, as it just dawned on me the other day that I can nearly field DBA-sized armies with my newly-based units. Thank god for the twelve-base army scale!