Thursday, September 24, 2009

Out in the Park

Trotting out on a summer's eve, General Felix Von Hentsch has been reviewing the odd parade, in order to keep the troops sharp. With his entourage of bickering brigade commanders and nondescript hangers-on in tow, he's been reviewing the army's artillery park.

Certainly the field pieces make a nice show, lined up for inspection and review. The Luftberg army commander can at least reassure himself that his force can assemble a fearsome grand battery if required.

Away from such pleasing dalliances however, a short ride out to the front lines will reveal that the enemy are not far distant. Felix has resolved that he shall be giving the scoundrels of Aschenbach a sound beating if the opportunity presents, and now it has. The defensive lines are obviously not continuous, as unbroken trench-lines are for close sieges only. No gallant army would hide in such works in the open field!

A short distance away, on the forward slopes of a gently wooded hill, the Aschenbach army has built a small redoubt. It's a strong position, but isolated from the rest of the army and unlikely to receive swift reinforcement if attacked with vigour. Thought to hold about two regiments, Felix has resolved to throw double that number against them. The regiments are already picked in his mind, and soon they shall launch a surprise dawn raid to overturn the works and threaten the Aschenbach line with being turned if they don't fall back immediately and humiliatingly.

A scheme with no drawbacks! Granted, some of the actual troops required to charge into the cannon's mouth may not share that opinion, but they're no doubt comforted by the knowledge that their personal sacrifice will be Luftberg's gain. After all, what Electorate ever rose to greatness without sacrifice from the lower orders? It's the natural way of things!

In the meantime, double the grog ration, fix bayonets, and remove flints - just to motivate the boys to do the business with cold steel!


abdul666 said...

A pleasant and impressive sight indeed - and 'interesting times' ahead.

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice artillery! Sounds like you've got a worthy battle in the offing to suit the available troops and terrain. Looking forward to a battle report!

CWT said...


Thanks very much! I decided to put in a blue-sky background, which seems to just create a better effect with photos, somehow!

Small battle, and battle report, indeed on the way!

CWT said...

Fitz - Yes, I have finally completed the artillery arm of both my armies! Plus, as I'd rebased my general, it seemed only decent to give them a little tour onto the parade-ground (oddly, wherever the armies are, at any given time, they always have an immaculately flat & open area to parade in...)