Sunday, September 13, 2009

An inkling of progress

The other night, I had the place to myself and took the opportunity to haul out all my stored Luftberg miniatures, covered the dining room table with them, and had a massive ‘stock take.’ It was actually pretty encouraging, as the full look of the army was clearly starting to take shape. Worryingly, it took up the full length of the table, but that just seemed cool to me - this is genuinely the biggest wargames force I've ever owned! I’ve not taken any photos, as I plan to hold a full review parade once the painting is done, and post liberally from that!

Two rough ‘milestones’ are drawing close. The first is the completion of the entire Luftberg army, which only requires a determined burst of cavalry-painting to finish. The second is the basing of some new Aschenbach infantry, which would give me a 12-base force of suitable composition. This would mean I could field a DBA battle between the sides again, and at least progress the campaign a little. It’s not with my typical Might & Reason rules, but certainly it should give some decent fights to post.

Right – I’m off to buff some tricornes. I just wanted to post and let you all know that big things are at least soon on the way!


Bluebear Jeff said...

We await the photos . . . hopefully before too too long.

-- Jeff

CWT said...

Hi Jeff,

Photos should hopefully not be too long, as just the other night I finally completed my entire Luftberg Infantry contingent - 24 Grenadiers, a dozen skirmishers, and 240 Line Infantry!