Tuesday, September 15, 2009


As I mentioned in my comment back to Jeff in the last blog entry (I’m trying to respond to every comment, so you’ll always get something back from now on!) I have finally knocked a big chunk off the ‘to do’ pile by completing all my Luftberg infantry! One regiment of Grenadiers, one of Croats, and ten (ten!) of line infantry, all based and done! I’m one pretty pleased wargamer, I can tell you!

So, as I dash on to knock off the remaining cavalry (5 figures a base – seems like a breeze after the 12-figures-a-base infantry!) I wanted to put something on the blog to keep folk engaged. Yes, I do care about all my bloglodytes (to coin a phrase - at least as far as I'm aware.)

As with most wargamers, I have a regular itch to make my own versions of rules, typically quick-play ones. I recently filled in an idle hour bashing out a quick set of 18th-Century DBA variant rules. If you know the general DBA-esque setup, this’ll all be very familiar. Nonetheless, have a look and see what you think:

Unit: Move/Range Combat Mod vs. Inf/Mounted

Infantry 2”/2” +3/+4

Cuirassiers 3”/0 +3/+4

Dragoons 4”/0 +3

Hussars 5”/0 +1/+2

Skirmishers 3”/2” +2

Artillery 2”/6” +3

Guards/Grenadiers can add +1 to all combat mods.

Skirmishers ignore terrain effects, all others double costs to cross/enter.

Artillery cannot move and fire in the same turn.

Artillery add +1 combat mod if firing at a target within half-range (3”)

All Luftberg (ie, Austrian) infantry units can only move straight ahead or wheel, while Aschenbach (ie, Prussian) infantry can move obliquely.

For combat, roll a dice each, add mods and compare. Minor loss is less than enemy but more than half, major loss is less than half enemy.

The results are:

Recoil = move back one base depth, facing same way.

Repulse = recoil, then turn around and make 1 full move rearwards.

Rout = Repulse, and rally next turn with 2PIPs. If not rallied, removed.

Destroyed = remove from game.

Cuirassiers who win must make a follow-up move of 1 base-depth straight ahead.


INFANTRY Routed by mounted contact in the open, repulsed if flanked, else recoil.


DRAGOONS recoil in close combat, repulse against fire.

HUSSARS repulse

SKIRMISHERS recoil vs. fire, routed by mounted contact, else repulse.

ARTILLERY destroyed by mounted contact, repulsed by foot in close combat, else recoil.


INFANTRY repulsed by skirmishers, destroyed by mounted in open, else rout.

CUIRASSIERS routed by infantry in contact or by fire, else destroyed.

DRAGOONS routed by infantry in contact or by fire, else destroyed.

HUSSARS destroyed by any mounted in contact, else rout.

SKIRMISHERS repulsed by fire, destroyed my any mounted contact in open, else recoil.

ARTILLERY destroyed by any contact, repulsed by fire.

And there you go! I’ve tried to generally keep things simple and so have made some sweeping pronouncements to simplify, but I think it should overall get the ‘feel’ of it. I’d be curious to know what others think of it, so feel free to stick on a comment with any (constructive) criticism!


CWT said...

Damn it, why can't blogger handle tabbed text, to set a table out right?

(WYSIWYG my backside, grumble, grumble...)

ColCampbell50 said...

You might want to try using PowerPoint, if you have access to it of course, to construct your tables. You can then save each individual slide as a jpeg and then load them as normal pictures. We can then see them easily by just clicking on them.

I did a battle report on my blog that way. Turned out fairly well, if I say so myself.


CWT said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the advice, which I shall bear in mind! Always good to have a store of such tricks, and I find people on blogger are typically very helpful with anything that turns up.