Wednesday, June 10, 2009

All Quiet on the Front!

dear me, but what a succession of obstacles have been thrown my way!  Wargaming has almost entirely ceased on the tabletop, what with the loft being full of junk (ie, 'cleaned out' which essentially just means everything being moved around - never matters how much you throw out, the rest of the junk just seems to expand and take up the room!)

Anyway, wargames space has vanished.  Painting has slowed to a virtual standstill.  The final purchase of figures has been postponed.  Spare time has disappeared.  All in all - a perfect storm of distractions to derail my hobby!  About all I've managed to do recently is read blogs!

Anyway, at least there's a reason.  In four weeks and one day, I'll be getting married!  Yes, the Empress herself will be setling down with me as I make an honest woman of her.  I've managed to keep at least some background hobby-activity up until now, but there's no denying the amount of time on hobbies is draining away- I'll have to admit defeat, temporarily hold off future posts, and get my head down for the next six weeks.  Mind you, the last two weeks of that time is my honeymoon, which should be an enjoyable and well-earned holiday!  Once that's done, I'll doubtless have stacks of spare time to fill up, so I'll be looking forward to my return to 'full time' Aschenbach & Luftberg campaigning.  Wish me luck, and I'll be back soon!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dear Blog!

Much celebrating tonight, as this day marks the 1-year birthday of the 'Konig und Kaiser' Blog!  I thought I could go on for a bit about how much I've enjoyed it, how it's been great for my own hobby-pursuits, how it's given me focus and inspiration, not to mention bringing me lots of encouraging comments from kind fellow-hobbyists, etc.  But then I thought 'Pictures Speak louder than words' so below, by way of simple illustration, is a show of what a year of blogging your efforts can encourage you on to achieve:

Above is one of my earliest photos of my entire army.

And here is one of my latest photos showing a small part of each army!

Enough said...  Except for one last essential - a massive thanks to everyone who has ever commented or read and enjoyed any of the posts here.  It really wouldn't have got this far without your help!