Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Campaign Climax Approaches

Could the end be in sight for the battle-ravaged province of the von Zaubs? The campaign year is nearing it's end, plus the forces are dwindling, so it looks like each side can only realistically push for one more battle.

Luftberg was recently defeated at Flussburg, but due to the Aschenbach army's forced march and surprise attack, this was never really going to be a close-run thing. The force left at Flussburg was quite small, but nonetheless managed to batter down enemy strength that little bit further - Aschenbach's IR6 won't be able to take any major role in the final battle without serious risk!

Overall, the strategic situation is pretty good for Luftberg - it's army is larger, and can fight on the defensive as even remaining stationary will get it a major victory. The defeat at Flussburg only cost the Elector a 'Decisive' result, so a 'Major' victory is still pretty good going!

Aschenbach can muster itself for one last battle, as there is no real room left for raiding or maneuvering around supply lines. If Luftberg can tough it out, the result for them will be a campaign victory. If not, then there's even the possibility of the river crossings being overrun in the retreat and a major defeat resulting. The next battle will be decisive anyway with the most riding on it since Vogelhof, three months' earlier.


Capt Bill said...

Dear Cousin,
The Beerstein Reichstag has approved F.M. Reich Duke Whilhelm's request for aid to the Rheinstadt der Luftberg. In addition infantry brigade commanded by Gen Reich Graf James Louis von Beerstein a cavalry brigade to be commanded by Gen Ludwig third Baron of Brewski is authorized. Hopefully these reinforcement will arrive before the campaign season is concluded.
Best regards...Wilhelm

Bluebear Jeff said...

It sounds like there might be a desperate "toss of the dice" to determine what is yet to happen.

Who will emerge victorious? Only time will tell.

-- Jeff