Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pictures from Flussburg

In a well-executed manouver, von Krumper watches his infantry columns ford the stream and then smoothly deploy into line

On the lower slopes, the Luftberg infantry meets the enemy advance for some close-range volleys

It's no use! The Aschenbach line pushes on up the hill, heading for the summit

Bartok's IR9 makes it's heroic stand, to try and stem the blue tide

Aschenbach cuirassiers descend from behind, and General Van Der Dijk is unhorsed

Post-battle, the Feldmarschall von Krumper rides onto the hill and past the regiments parading on the scene of their victory.


Frankfurter said...

Major Ungaurn will be detached from Gen. Phaulie's staff and sent to Luftberg. He is an expert in artillery and earthworks and might be of assistance in the next round.

Gen. V. Ballpark,
Chief of Staff,
Duchy of Frankszonia

Capt Bill said...

Pictures say a 1000 words, nice job! Who manufactured your figures? Most of 15mm are old minfigs. You have inspired me to break them out. I had forgotten how nice they are, not mentioned how mush larger the battlefield becomes when using 15mm. Thanks...Bill

CWT said...

V. Ballpark - Major Ungaurn's presence will be appreciated!

Hi Bill - my miniatures are all Essex 15mm. (

I'm thinking of rebasing the infantry as per your figures, 3x2 to a base. Can I ask what size/dimensions you use for your figures?


Bluebear Jeff said...

Thanks for the photos and the battle account . . . there are a lot of very good-looking troops on that table top.

-- Jeff