Friday, August 15, 2008

News from the front

The following dispatch has recently been issued from the Aschenbach army camp, and is reprinted here for information. Please note that the blog author takes no responsibility for the bias displayed herein, all opinions expressed do not necessarily represent those of the blog, etc, etc.

From the Rittmeister von Kritter,
Adjutant to his royal highness, the Kronprinzregent Feldmarschall Gerdt von Krumper of Aschenbach.

The kingdom of Aschenbach rejoices at news from the Prinzregent of his latest battlefield triumph. The indomitable force of Aschenbach arms triumphs once again!

The leadership of the regent von Krumper has once more resulted in the white-coated lackeys of the Elector von Luftberg being driven from the field in confusion, and this time within cannon-shot of the walls of the city of Flussburg, no less.

Battle was joined s few days ago, when the teeming hordes of Luftberg marauders despicably fell back and deployed for battle behind a small stream. Masked by the cavalry under the famous Graf Erich von Kleintrink, the general von Krumper swiftly crossed this obstacle under the very noses of the enemy guns and swiftly deployed his infantry with well-drilled precision, in what was hailed by all as a masterpiece of manoeuvre and resolution. Even ferocious cannon-fire from the enemy guns could not daunt the heroic infantry of IR6 von Rechnung, who swept on side-by-side with the indomitable Hirschburger grenadiers.

On approaching the enemy infantry on the slopes above them, the Luftberg hirelings attempted bravely but ineptly to come to grips with our soldiers, but the superior fire and discipline of our men swiftly proved itself. The remainder of the Pilsen grenadiers were shot down by von Rechnung’s men, and the Hirschburgers similarly triumphed in a sharp musketry exchange before driving their opponents off the hill at bayonet point.

As this feat of arms took place, General von Kleintrink’s gallant horsemen swept aside their rivals and the cuirassiers of KR1 von Schnitzel swept into the enemy rear, riding down and capturing that notorious scoundrel General Van Der Dijk who was the commander of the enemy force.

In the end, the enemy’s strongest force was the Bartok infantry regiment IR9, who made a heroic last stand and even managed to temporarily hold off both von Rechnung’s infantry to their front and von Schnitzel’s cuirassiers to their rear. Such heroism surely deserved better leadership, but it was all for naught as the Hirschburgers swiftly turned their flank and cut them down with a final volley.

The triumph is complete. The Aschenbach soldiery has proved itself the equal of it’s forebears at Neukatzberg, and added to the honour of their flags. The city of Flussburg is safe once more! Church bells are to be rung in celebration by all right-thinking people (Right-thinking people without access to church bells are ordered by his highness to at least bang some pots together, or something.)

Artistic engravings of the triumph are to be issued shortly!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I wonder how the Luftberg accounts read . . . could you search for such?

-- Jeff

Capt Bill said...

The first report from the front usually proves to be exaggerated, not to mention incorrect. Say it isn't so that the guys in "White" were so soundly defeated! By the way our Ambassador, Gen Count von Warsteiner is in route to the Court of the Rheinstatdt der Luftberg...Whilhelm

CWT said...


The Luftberg account may arrive shortly, with some luck. Doubtless it'll appear every bit as fair and balanced.

Th eextent of the defeat is not yet clear, but the Count von Warsteiner may not arrive to find the elector in a genial mood...


A J said...

Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

(Rumors that His Highness took a bribe from the Pot Menders' Guild before issuing the report are purely scurrilous...)