Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mini Miniatures

I've also found time to advance my 6mm painting, although I've found myself increasingly drawn back to my 15mm figures recently. I was intending to do all the regiments separately as little mini-projects, until I realised that would take a ridiculous amount of time. So, as you'll see from the photos, I've decided to do the lot in a single batch.

They look pretty impressive in a large group, I have to say...

Most are at the 'undercoat and basecoat' stage, but I did manage to completely finish and varnish one other regiment before I adopted the mass approach. Here's one of the grenadier regiments, in some close-ups.

They're not based yet, so remain still glued to their sticks.

Here's a better view of them from behind, showing the cloth rears of their mitre hats, plus equipment satchels etc.

The painting uniform scheme, incidentally, is for IR6 - Frederick's Grenadier Garde.

A close-up of some troops and the command party. I've decided against mounted officers and even flags for the grenadiers. Most were converged battalions made from companies drawn off several regiments, so the manufacturer (Baccus) hasn't modelled a colour-party as per the line regiments.


CWT said...

Apologies everybody for the wierd page layout on this post - Aligning your pictures left or right seems to be unchangeable once you've downloaded them, and the preview screen totally misled me - D'oh!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I'm impressed with the detail that you've managed to get with your tiny troops. I have trouble painting straps on much larger figures.

A very good job, sir. Very good.

-- Jeff

andygamer said...

Do you use tube acrylics, cwt, or oils?

And maybe you could take a couple of the grenadier sergeants and convert them to standard-bearers for IR6 or, later on in your collecting, IR15/III, as these guard units had flags even though all the men and NCOs were in mitres.