Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Campaign systems

My thoughts on a future campaign have been swirling around, but generally I think I’m going to fight it on the basis of the DBA-style rules in the recent Lobositz refight – I think they’ve got potential. My decision for this was further encouraged when I used their points system for the existing Aschenbach/Luftberg armies and found they came out within spitting distance of each other. Clearly, the two opponents are well-matched (providing that Aschenbach’s von Krumper doesn’t get half his army destroyed in the first battle again.)

So, all the indecision is around the campaign system. One option is to take advantage of the fact that each battlefield is around 2ft x 2ft, so the campaign for a small province would plausibly be ‘mappable’ in it’s entirety, square by square. Not without work, however, but quite liberating and close to the style suggested in Charles Grant’s old books.

The other contender is to do the province as an area map and maneuver around with the card-based system outlined in the last post. This would allow certain advantages, such as a nice colourful map that could plausibly be put up on the blog for display – I always disliked the basic node-to-node one in the last campaign, but I couldn’t fix it up in time to make it more pleasing! Plus, as people seemed quite keen on voting (ie, posting comments) for actions at the very tail-end of the last campaign, it would also be possible to post the cards drawn and allow people to suggest and/or decide on what strategy each general pursued.

Balancing it all up, I think the card-based area-movement option is the best, as it is more of an experiment and allows people to get more involved (yes, I do indeed like all the people who add comments on the blog!)


Bluebear Jeff said...

You might wish to consider something like what I described on my blog a while back for battlefield terrain:

The "Campaign System" I mention in the above post is probably not what you're looking for . . . but it is here just for completeness sake:

-- Jeff

CWT said...

Hi Jeff,

That system is indeed a good one, and I'm keeping it in mind for future projects. I'm hoping to get around to trying most things at least once in the blog, so I've made note of it.