Saturday, November 8, 2008


The latest broadsheet posted in the towns of Luftberg, for popular Luftberg Tagezeitung, brings news of the nearby province of Spitzplatz. The ruling family of von Bitzhelm, famed for their incredible wealth and notoriously gloomy disposition, have recently opened negotiations with the Electorate of Luftberg.

Due to the recent death of the von Bitzhelm family patriarch, crushed to death by a vast pile of money, his son has taken over as the Graf of the province. The recently deceased’s will revealed some family skeletons in the closet, and apparently von Bitzhelms’ great-great-grandfathers’ cousins’ mistress once briefly married the great-great-uncle of the von Luftberg family. They’re practically related!

Delighted to find that ridiculous wealth is no obstacle to power, the diplomats are now discussing the absorbtion of the Spitzplatz provinces into the Electorate. On hearing of the proposals, the Elector von Luftberg apparently commented “Excellent!” while the Graf Felix von Hentsch bellowed “What?!”


CWT said...

Hooray! The map appears to have loaded and been half-legible! I was wondering how to post large maps and documents on blogger...

Anyway, gentlemen who are conversant in the cartographic sciences are advised that dark green regions are wooded, brown ones are hilly, and rivers are only crossable at the denoted points. Cities and towns are noted with a black square.


Capt Bill said...

Excellent map! Congratulations...Bill

Bluebear Jeff said...


I note that your map has 24 "counties" and 5 "cities".

If you happen to have a d30 somewhere (or could obtain one) then I have a suggestion.

Assign the numbers 1 to 29 to the various locations named above. Roll the die each "month" . . . something of significance happens in that locality that month. (Create your own chart for what).

If a "30" comes up, then roll 1d6 and that many locations and events all occur.

-- Jeff

PS, I like your map

A J said...

Nice map! And intriguing developments afoot!

CWT said...

Ta, everybody.

Jeff - I like the idea! I'll maybe have a pop at some random events.

Thanks for the suggestion, as this sort of idea-trading, for my benefit and others, is exactly the reason I wanted to do this blog.