Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The New Aristocrats

Official news from the Luftberg court now confirms what the gossips have said for some time – the province of Spitzplatz is soon to be incorporated into the Electorate. Diplomats recently confirmed that all but the last formalities were now out of the way, and the Elector has just accepted the kind offer of the Graf von Hentsch to tidy up the last few issues.

So, who are the newcoming family? The von Bitzhelms are fabulously wealthy, plus the family seems to have an unfortunate tendency towards being a bit – well, ugly. (Damn those random dice rolls!) Still, the beauty does indeed seem to be in the eye of the beholder, for the Graf and Grafin have no fewer than six children – all very young, on account of the relative youth of the couple themselves. The full list and notable personality quirks comes down as follows:

Graf Karl von Bitzhelm, 33, good personality, healthy, a bold leader, somewhat ugly, but vastly wealthy.
Grafin Lena von Bitzhelm, 25, nasty personality, unattractive.
Their children:
Otto, 7, good
Sophia, 6, nasty, beautiful
Alexander, 6, good, handsome, twin of Sophia
Kristin, 5, good, ugly
Dieter, 3, good
Franziska, 2, poor health

(I’ve kept the details lighter than before because a) not all of them were useful, and b) they’re awfully young.)


Capt Bill said...

It's nice to see the press going easy on young people...

Bluebear Jeff said...

Why do I suspect that Graf von Hentsch will somehow 'gum up' this arrangement?

-- Jeff