Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Spitzplatz approached

Aschenbach have a score to settle, and mean to do it! Since his opponent has proved so sluggish, the pressure’s off to an extent and von Krumper can move at his ease. Most sensibly, south out of the hills into the Oberwasser region, threatening to take up a good river-line position. Also, it takes him close to the route that Luftberg tried to scout out for themselves to advance on Spitzburg.

So, that’s a NORMAL MARCH to Oberwasser, where he’ll HALT and rest his army. He’ll take the whole force in a single, easy-to-maneuver LARGE FORMATION to speed marching, the swift advance will cause a MORALE DROP in the enemy leader, and he’ll also be able to tangle with the nearby detatchment that Luftberg sent out to clear their route, by launching a small hit-and-run raid (WILD CARD).

As it’s an easy march far from the enemy, we’ll say a 3+ for success. If he rolls a 5 or 6, the march is successful and also his hit-and-run raid on the Luftberg outpost will take place.

The result is… 4! Aschenbach safely march to Oberwasser, but sadly the raiding parties passing through the Vallensee and Spitzburg regions fail to make contact. Most likely, Luftberg’s feelers only made it as far as Vallensee while Aschenbach’s group simply darted over to Spitzburg and cut the roads. Felix von Hentsch won’t like this at all – a large enemy force within an easy march of Spitzburg, plus the roads already blocked for his own force! His own upcoming hand:

Normal March
Normal March
Normal March
Wild Card
Forced March
Small Formation

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