Thursday, November 27, 2008

Public Service

I've seen this on some other websites, so thought I'd do the same to help out. The Essex Miniatures website is typically very good, supplying photos of several figures etc. However, the 15mm SYW area has lots of photos of Prussian units, but only a paltry couple of pics for Austrian units to tell you what you're buying! As such, for those with an interest, below are pics of what I've ordered. If anyone else is thinking of buying, perhaps this'll give you a bit more info on what you're deciding on potentially purchasing.

SYA10 - Chasseur/Jager Skirmishing. A single pose per pack, giving you 8 figures standing and giving the 'business end' of a musket to the enemy.

SYA9 - Mounted Infantry Officers. I believe the three figs in a pack are all the same; a trotting horse, plus a hand-on-hip officer casting a slightly sideways glance (no doubt checking alignment.)

SYA7 - Hungarian Grenadier - 8 identical figures, at the ready and looking set to advance. Bearskins too, as you can see.

SYA6 - Hungarian Infantry Command Pack. Each pack contains two of each of the figure types above. As befits 'lively' troops, they have a certain swagger lacking in the line infantry; the officer waves a spontoon ahead, the colours are swirling a little more, and the drummer (presumably) is depicted mid-solo.

SYA5 - Hungarian Fusilier. Through his pose, he appears surprisingly close to the Prussian infantry figure, so it's all in the painting to see the distinctive uniform details. Small paintbrushes not optional.

SYA2 - Austrian Command. Six figures a pack, two of each type. More restrained than the Hungarians, but I do like the officer gesturing ahead.

SYA1 - German Fusilier. The Johnny-Average of the army, the standard line infantryman at the ready.


A J said...

Very nice, it really helps to know something of the nature of the figures before buying. Thanks for posting the pictures.

DestoFante said...

Thank you very much! I am also looking for more pictures upon which to base my purchases, and this really helps! Your effort is very much appreciated. I bought some Essex Prussians last summer, and, although I like them, I maintain a preference for Minifigs. But I may go back and add one unit or two of Essex anyway, sooner or later...