Saturday, November 15, 2008

Spitzplatz Turn 1

Time to take a look at the ‘deck’ for the upcoming campaign, as discussed earlier. Following advice and personal musings, the deck now runs as follows:

Normal March(x4)
Forced March(x2)
Open battle(x4)
Tactical advantage(x2)
Large formation(x2)
Small formation(x2)
Morale increase/drop(x2)
Weather Effect(x1)
Terrain effect(x2)
Supply lines(x2)
Talented Commander(x1)
Wild Card(x4)

And below is the province map, showing the relative positions of the two armies – the entry area has been randomly rolled for.

The campaign has a slight slant on it from the Luftberg perspective. Aschenbach are primarily on the lookout for revenge on the battlefield, so they seek a straight fight and victories – as many as they can get. Luftberg however, under the leadership of Graf Felix von Hentsch, needs to ‘save’ the province by beating the Aschenbach army – but only after he’s been able to pay a visit to as many of the five cities in the province as he can, in order to ‘requisition supplies’ for the war effort (and personal expenses, of course.)

A normal move is one area at a time, with a forced march allowing two areas to be covered, but beyond that, anything goes! To let von Hentsch loot an area, a turn of inactivity will be needed.

Right, first to move is… Luftberg, according to my random roll. Here’s the Graf Felix along with the army, and he draws the following hand:

Small formation
Morale increase/drop
Open battle
Small formation
Normal March
Forced March
Small formation
Open battle

Feel free to suggest your ideas – basic moves are:
a) Sit tight in Blinzburg and ‘stock up’ on funds
b) March into any of the adjacent areas, clearing the woods and entering the open river valley regions
c) Force-march either to Spitzburg, staying on the opposite side of the river from the enemy; or west to cross the river Spitzwasser and enter Ostunter, within spitting distance of Unterschloss.
d) Anything else you can think of!


CWT said...

Credite to Junior General, by the way, for providing me with the army icons!

Capt Bill said...

All of Beerstein is watching! Reich Duke Wilhelm expressed great interest in your royal map maker. Beerstein and the Barony of Brewswick need to be mapped for posterity.

A J said...

I like the icon idea, and will duly steal - um, borrow it. ;) Looking forward to developments.

andygamer said...

I smell a Battle of Spitzburg coming up.