Monday, November 17, 2008

Spitzplatz campaign begins

For Felix von Hentsch, plundering Blinzburg is probably a bit premature – it’s likely to be well in his rear throughout the coming campaign so it’s already in the bag, so to speak. Far more tempting is Spitzburg – almost central in the province, and puts him in line for a river defence if the Aschenbach forces come directly for him. The catch – it’s pretty distant. So, von Hentsch plays the following cards:

ACTION – Forced March to Spitzburg
RESULT – Halt in the city
REASONS – The men will be eager for action as they have only just gained new recruits at the start of the campaign (Recruit/Desert card); They will have a Morale Increase from beating the enemy in the last campaign, plus von Hentsch will send a Small Formation of light troops ahead to clear the way and scout the route.

All in all, the results seem likely to favour such a proposal – a fast & speedy march by fresh and enthusiastic troops in the early days of high enthusiasm. As such, I’ll let it succeed on a 4+ dice roll. If it rolls a 3, I’ll allow the army to relocate to the Vallensee area, representing a partially completed march.

One roll of the dice, and it’s… 2! Failure, as no doubt Felix von Hentsch has found time trickling away while he organises his new army, forcing him to delay departure. Some hapless junior-ranking officers will be cashiered for such a delay!

So, with Luftberg firmly dropping the ball, it’s over to the Aschenbach army under von Krumper to make a move. He gets:

Normal March
Large Formation
Morale Increase/Drop
Large Formation
Wild Card

Feel free to chip in with ideas!

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A J said...

If I read this right, von Krumper seems in no hurry to get to grips, preferring no doubt to ensure his army is properly formed up and under control before moving off. Perhaps he too will send out a skirmish/cavalry screen which will encounter and engage those of the enemy somewhere near the river. Realizing his opponent is being more tardy than himself may spur him on.