Thursday, November 20, 2008

The skirmishing captains

Von Hentsch determines on reaching the river at Spitzburg first, forestalling the Aschenbach advance. This means a FORCED MARCH to the province and a sharp SKIRMISH with any bluecoats that have ventured out to try and thwart him. At least, from sitting idle as he organises, his troops are well rested to avoid being FATIGUED. Enemy raiders and scouting groups will be spotted and cleared aside by SMALL FORMATIONS of troops going ahead of his advance. To get some kind of unanticipated edge, the crafty von Hentsch will arrange for these groups to live off the land and travel unusually light, abandoning their baggage and giving them a superior mobility (WILD CARD.)

It’s pretty likely he’ll be able to do the march without any problems, given how well prepared he’ll be following the last delay. Thus, success should come on a 3+ roll – slightly better chances than he had last time he tried. The roll is… A 5! Success, as he moves to Spitzburg and the outlying groups begin to clash.

So, we’ve the making of various minor encounter battles on the roads around Spitzburg, as Aschenbach raiders sent out the previous turn find themselves being hit by flying columns of Luftberg troops trying to clear the roads for the main army’s advance. Sounds like a classic bit of ‘klein krieg’ warfare. To the tabletop!


A J said...

The game's afoot!

Frankfurter said...

Actually, sounds like the games a-horse ...
but, still no pictures??
PS: and fittingly, the type in verification = "bickr" ...